Monster Fruity Vape Flavors

Whether you want a sweet treat or a cold, refreshing drink, Monster Vape has a juice that is perfect for you. Their flavors include grape, lemonade, strawberry jam, and watermelon.

Monster Vape – 5 Fruity Vape Flavors

Those looking for an exciting new vape juice flavor are in luck with Jam Monster’s Ice Monster eJuice. This vape juice comes in the form of a tropical fruit flavor that combines tangy guava with zesty tangerine. The blend is finished off with a kick of icy menthol, making it the perfect juice for those looking for a refreshing vape.

Jam Monster e-liquid is available in a variety of nicotine strength options. You can choose from a 0, 3 or 6 mg nicotine strength. You can also find this e-liquid in 30 ml or 100 ml bottles.

The Ice Monster eJuice collection has some of the most unique and tasty flavors you’ll ever come across. The fruity flavors in this line are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Each flavor is paired with a base that is made from 25 percent propylene glycol and 75 percent vegetable glycerin. This helps give the e-liquid a nice, thick cloud when exhaling. The fruity flavors in this line are delicious and will make your vaping experience one to remember.

Jam Monster has become one of the most popular e-liquid brands in the vape world. The brand uses only high quality ingredients, including U.S.P grade ingredients. It’s no wonder this vape juice has caught on so quickly. The company has also become popular through social media, attracting thousands of followers and models across the country.


PB & Jam Monster Banana vape juice is a unique e juice that tantalizes the senses. Its flavor profile is sweet and creamy. It is available in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels.

Jam Monster Banana vape juice is part of the Jam Series, which features sweet ripe bananas and menthol flavor. It is made with a 75/25 VG/PG ratio. It is best paired with low wattage devices. It is a limited edition item that is selling well. It is also available in a pod starter kit.

The flavor of Jam Monster Banana is creamy, sweet, and slightly banana-flavored. It tastes like banana jam with butter spread on toast. It is perfect for anyone looking for a banana flavor. It is available in a 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG synthetic nicotine level. It is also available in a 100ml bottle. It is available at eJuice Direct.

Jam Monster Liquids are made by the Fresh Juice Company. It is located in Orlando, FL. The company also produces the Custard Monster line. Its flavors mimic the perfect snack. They are made with premium ingredients. The banana flavor is enhanced with smooth bananas and a delicious creamy custard. It is a great way to enjoy a healthy snack. You can also get the Banana Ice, which features a refreshing banana flavor.

eJuiceDB is the largest online e-liquid store, which sells all Jam Monster E-Liquid products. It ships directly from the manufacturer. You can also buy the Monster Max Disposable Vape Pen, which features custard banana flavor. It is rechargeable, and produces 6000 puffs. It is also available in a nicotine salt version.

Strawberry jam

PB & Jam Monster’s Strawberry Jam Vape is a unique blend of strawberry jam, peanut butter and buttered toast. This vape juice delivers a complex breakfast flavor that is satisfying and delicious.

The first thing you’ll notice is the sweet strawberry jam flavor. This is followed by the toasty, warm butter. You’ll experience a hint of white bread, too. Then you’ll get a tangy note of jam on the exhale.

The flavor of Strawberry Jam with Toast is a bit more potent, too. This combination of flavors lends itself to other ingredients, too. This means that the strawberry jam isn’t the only flavor you’ll experience, but it’s the one that gets you the most excited.

If you’re looking for a sweet and satisfying vape juice that’s easy on the pocketbook, look no further than Jam Monster Strawberry. It comes in a 100mL Chubby Gorilla bottle and is available in multiple strengths, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. The Tobacco Free Nicotine variation results in a smoother and more enjoyable vaping experience.

Jam Monster’s Strawberry Jam Ejuice is a fresh new flavor that’s bound to please even the most finicky of vapers. This juice is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth and enjoy the tangy taste of jam. The best way to experience this vape juice is to purchase it in a Starter Kit or sub-ohm tank.


PB & Jam Monster Grape E-Liquid has a lot going for it. For starters, it is a smorgasbord of flavors, including a sweet strawberry, smooth peanut butter, and a hint of white bread. It also comes in a variety of nicotine strengths, so you can get the flavor you love. It is best paired with a Sub-Ohm tank. It’s also worth noting that the 100 ml bottle is relatively affordable.

PB & Jam Monster Grape E-Liquid is the new kid on the block in terms of flavor. This e-liquid is made in Orlando, FL by Fresh Juice Co. They make some of the best homemade e-liquids out there. You can also find their liquids at VapeRanger Wholesale. The site has the largest selection of e-liquids online. They also offer the cheapest e-liquids available online.

The PB & Jam Monster Grape E-Liquid makes for a convenient vaping experience. It is best paired with a Starter Kit or Sub-Ohm tank. It is also worth noting that the company is also known for their e-liquids in dark places. PB & Jam Monster Grape E-Liquid stands out from the crowd for its wacky flavors and funky packaging. PB & Jam Monster Grape E-Liquid comes in 60ml and 100ml bottles. You can also find it at eJuice Direct. Its best-selling flavor is the Grape. You can also find it in Tobacco Free Nicotine and 6mg nicotine strength options.


Among the myriad of vape juice flavors available on the market today, the Watermelon Lemonade by Lemonade Monster is a great choice. This flavor combines the tangy taste of lemonade with the refreshing essence of sliced watermelons. The best part is, it is a flavor that you can enjoy anytime of the day.

The Watermelon Lemonade eJuice by Lemonade Monster is available in a variety of nicotine strengths. You can choose from a 100mL bottle in 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine strength. You can also purchase a nicotine salt version of the e-juice.

It’s no secret that Lemonade Monster produces the best vape juice flavors around. Their lineup includes the best fruit vape juice flavors. The company is also known for the best of the best when it comes to nicotine salts. In addition, they are known for creating innovative vaping products.

The company has also come up with a new series of flavors. In fact, they are known for their signature e-liquid collection, which is available in freebase vape juice as well as nicotine salt varieties. Among their best-selling flavors are the Watermelon Lemonade Salts and the Watermelon Lemonade Monster Salts. These salts come in a unicorn bottle and offer an invigorating taste of lemonade. They also come in a 30mL unicorn bottle.

The Watermelon Lemonade by Lemonade monster e-liquid is a great choice for those looking for a premium vape juice blend. With its sour and sweet taste, it is a flavor you will enjoy all day long.


Whether you are looking for the traditional sweet and sour combination of lemonade or a fresh new taste to add to your vape collection, the Lemonade Monster line of vapes has you covered. This line offers you the perfect formulated lemonade flavor in both traditional freebase vape juice and nicotine salts.

Lemonade Monster Pink Lemonade e-Liquid is a refreshing pink lemonade flavor that is sure to get your taste buds ready for a summer day. It is a sweet and sour blend of freshly squeezed lemonade infused with sweet pink fruits. This refreshing flavor offers zesty lemon flavor on the inhale and a sweet mixed fruit flavor on the exhale.

Lemonade Monster Strawberry Lemonade e-Liquid comes in a 100ml bottle and is available with a 0mg, 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength. The e-liquid is made with a 75/25 VG/PG ratio. This high-quality vape juice will keep you refreshed and happy throughout the day.

Watermelon Lemonade is a refreshing drink that combines the tanginess of ripe lemons with the sweet taste of watermelons. It has a zesty lemon flavor on the inhale with a sweet and tart lemon zest flavor on the exhale. This lemonade e-liquid from Lemonade Monster is perfect for a refreshing vape all day long.

Lemonade Monster has a variety of lemonade flavors to choose from including Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon Lemonade, Pink Lemonade and more. They also have a line of lemonade nic salts, which offer you a variety of fresh, sour lemonade flavors to choose from.