Raw Gummed Filter Tips

RAW Gummed Filter Tips are made from our naturally unbleached, long fiber classic tip paper milled with a traditional type fourdrinier paper machine. Each pack contains 33 perforated tips for perfectly rolled joints.

These joint filters prevent soggy, sloppy, clogging cigarette ends while saving you tobacco and herbs. They also strengthen your joint and give it a better shape.

Perforated Edges

Perforated edges are a great way to make your product stand out from the competition. They are also a useful way to save money on paper and ink costs, plus they’re environmentally friendly!

A perforated edge can be defined as a series of tiny holes cut in a line. You can often see perforations on stamps, but you can also find them in a variety of other products.

Raw Gummed is no exception to this rule. Each tip is crafted from the company’s signature natural plant fibres, free from additives, dyes and chalk.

The tips are made with a special long-fiber paper that has enough structural rigidity to roll well and not dissolve. They have a number of perforated edges that make it easier to roll a perfect tip, and a lickable gummed edge to keep your roach in place.

RAW is a pioneer in the paper and tobacco industry, so it’s no surprise that they are leading the pack when it comes to perforated products. They offer a wide variety of perforated edge protection for all your packaging needs, from the smallest to the biggest.

Gummed Edges

Gummed Edges are one of the most popular innovations to hit the rolling paper market. They allow you to roll your roach with a secure finish and prevent your joint from uncoiling.

They also come in handy when you are trying to use a joint filter, such as a paper holder. These tips prevent the filter from falling out of your cigarette, while allowing you to adjust the length easily.

You can also get gummed edges in a variety of shapes, from a wide range of materials. These are a great way to have fun and add some personality to your smoking experience.

Another way to use gummed edges is by rolling your joint inside out. This is often a little harder to do but will get rid of most of the stingy smoke that results from burning excess paper.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are made from a variety of different fibres, including hemp, wood pulp and rice. Some paper manufacturers blend these fibres together to create a finished product with the right texture and burn for smoking.

A good rolling paper is made using natural fibres that are chemical and chlorine free, making them a safer choice for smokers. Bleach and calcium carbonate are often used to lighten and bleach papers, but they can be toxic and cause irritation to skin and eyes when inhaled or combusted.

The best rolling papers have a slow and even burn to preserve the flavours of your smoke. Avoid bleached and heavily processed papers, as these can alter the taste of your smoke.

RAW is one of the most popular unbleached and unrefined brands in the world, and these Gummed Tips are a must have for every smoker! These perforated tips fit perfectly on your favourite joint and prevent a soggy, wet tip at the end of your roll.


Packaging is an outer layer that protects the product from damage and provides information about the product. This can include the name of the manufacturer, the production date and other important information.

This also serves as a way to stimulate consumer interest in the product. Usually, a package is chosen on prima facie grounds of cost, common industrial practices, type of the product, quality of the product and conditions of display.

These RAW Perforated Gummed Filter Tips are made from naturally unbleached, long fiber classic tip paper milled with a traditional type Fourdrinier paper machine and are chlorine-free.

These tips are designed to make rolling your own cigarette as simple as possible. They’re perforated in the right places for perfectly sized tips, and are lined with a lickable gumline. The perforated edges on each tip are also great for adjusting the length of your joint. They’re even perfect for creating a ‘Z’ shaped center, which can add a bit of strength and cooling to your smoke.